Testing of Foundations | Edition 1

In order to get to know our dogs better with whom we train in this online class better we introduce them here.

Tobias about Eve

Eve comes from my E-litter and she is 11 months old when we made the videos (*25th February 2020) She is deaf on her right ear right from birth which is also the reason why she stayed with us. Actually, she should / shouldn’t stay with us permanently but currently it’s just like that 🙂

I am very excited about her further development. Eve is a very small and talented female. In agility she shows herself to be smart, fast, agile and with a good ability to criticize. The fast sequences were a lot of fun but also pushed us to our limits.

Nadine about Peak

Peak comes from pure herding lines and was anything but planned – but I just couldn’t say “no” to this combination. At the when we made the videos she is 13 months old and could definitely have more understanding of cues and handling for her age but the Corona held me a little bit back because of lacking motivation. But I have a lot of fun with Peak because of her “head-through-the-wall” character and I have gained new motivation especially through this class!

Peak had a lot of trouble implementing some cues and leaving the bars up in these fast sequences. From the experience with Cinna, however, I know that this part of the education is normal and that everything is put together later.

Lesson 1

Here you go to the first lesson.

Lesson 2

Here you go to the second lesson.

Lesson 3

Here you go to the third lesson.